What Foods to Stay Away From


It seems everyone is on some kind of diet these days. There are all kinds of diets, fad diets, certain type of food diets; it is so hard to choose which diet you want to be on. One thing for sure is that when we are dieting we dont want to eat high calorie foods such as ice cream or cake. There are also many other foods to stay away from when dieting. One food to stay away from is pasta. While pasta is practically fat free, the carbs that are in pasta will defiantly make you put on weight.   Another food to stay away from is white rice. White rice is a high glycemic carbohydrate which breaks down into glucose, which in turn makes you hungry which will make you eat more and gain weight. Stay away from bagels, they are low in fat but filled with carbs.

Rice cakes are another food to stay away from because they have high glycemic carbs, and after eating them you just feel hungrier and tend to eat the whole bag of rice cakes which will cause you to gain weight.   Fruit juices are not a good for any type of diet. Fruit juices contain no fiber, and are full of sugar.   Ground beef is a not good food to eat when on a diet. It is full of fat; just a single serving will give you 25 grams of fat. Deli turkey slices are also not good for a diet. Though low in fat it is full of sugar and salt. So simply avoid that if at all possible.

Ground turkey is another food to avoid when on a diet. Even though turkey breast is very low in fat and calories, ground turkey meat is a mix of the darker meat and skin and has 14 grams of fat per a six ounce serving. The last thing not to have while dieting would be alcohol.  Alcohol will only provide you with a lot of sugar and has no nutritional value at all. Alcohol should be avoided entirely while on a diet. Weight loss will come easy if you eat the right foods and remain active.  Include a good fitness training program along with your diet and you will lose weight.