The Right Tips to Keep You in Shape


Nutrition and exercise provide important ingredients for a healthier lifestyle. However, it is not necessary to fill every moment of free time with exercise to achieve maximum benefits of a fitness program. Many endurance athletes have come to realize that excessive exercise and over training can be detrimental to a fitness program. The muscles and body need time to recover and rebuild. Hard exercise causes damage to muscle fibers in the form of small tears. Therefore, a good fitness program includes a period for recovery allowing muscles to rebuild before the next training session.

The exercises that promote better fitness depend on the goals of the program. Individuals involved in competitive sports could choose to build strength and endurance by supplementing with a running program. One cannot negate the benefits of running. It does provide benefits of strengthening the heart, lungs and muscles in the lower body. Swimming is a good option for improving upper body strength. Like running, swimming helps build strength of the heart and lungs, but also the arms, shoulders and chest muscles. Unlike running, swimming does not cause physical wear of the body joints from impact with the surface. Adding a run or swim every other day can help promote strength and endurance while allowing the body a day to recover and rebuild from the workout.

For individuals with a goal of maintaining general fitness, walking and bicycling are good options. Both exercises can help improve overall health, help with weight management and cause no harm to joint areas and muscles. Walking and cycling are not as physical as running and swimming but still offer health related benefits.

Proper sports fitness training has evolved over the past decade. Hard training days provide the greatest benefit when combined with a period of lighter training to provide sufficient recovery. Those with a goal to work hard everyday could find over training causes a negative impact on fitness. Without sufficient time for muscles to rebuild, fatigue begins to affect each workout. Individuals with a desire to maintain a level of fitness training can walk or ride to better health.