How to Diet and Still Eat What You Want


It is very possible to be on a diet and still eat what you want. What you need to do is control your portions of food. Lets say you want a big mac. Okay, go ahead and have the big mac, but do not eat all of it, eat like half of it and put the rest away.  This is very possible to do you just have to learn how to control your appetite and the way your body thinks. If you sit down and think about this when you order up that big mac and start eating it, aren’t you usually full after a couple of bites?  The answer is yes. But do you stop eating it?  No, and the reason for that is your brain is not telling your body to stop eating so you continue to eat and continue to gain weight.

Once you learn portion control you will be able to diet and still eat what you want. Now let’s say you’re going to a party and there is a lot of food out. What you can do is when you get your plate take a small amount of everything just not a lot of everything. It is all about the portion size. There is no limit to what foods you can eat while dieting.

Let’s say there is a huge cake sitting on the table for dessert. You are thinking, I really want some but I am on this diet so I better not eat any. The thing is you can have cake, just not a lot of it. Cut a small piece and eat it, that way you have satisfied your craving for it without eating a lot of calories. This method works with all foods. Eat what you want just don’t eat a ton of it. Portions are the single most important thing when dieting, or if you are on some type of weight loss program. You can eat what you want just not everything you want.