Extreme Health and Fitness Plan: Diet & Motivation


In the previous post I discussed what makes a good  work out routine for your health and fitness plan.  However, its all for not if you don’t consider the second and third components of a health and fitness plan: diet & keeping motivated.  Without these two concepts your efforts will likely be demolished or nonexistent, so read carefully.

The Importance of Diet in Your Health and Fitness Plan

Ok, your fitness plan is all set, now its time to think about your stomach. Your read it right. The food you consume will be the fuel for your workouts and you’ll need to put the right foods in your body to maximize your efforts to improve your overall health and fitness. The foods your want to focus on will depend on your goals but in general vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and whole grains are the best to consider.  If you’ve ever heard of Michi’s Ladder now would be a great time follow it. Eat from tiers 1 and 2 as much as possible, trust me you won’t find any fried foods here, but you’ll be well our your way to meeting the food requirements of your health and fitness plan.  If your finding that your always on the run and need something quick try taking along left overs from dinner or a protein shake like Shakeology to get your past some sticky situations.

Staying Motivated In Your Health and Fitness Plan

The third and final element of your health and fitness plan is will power.  Stick To Your Plan!! Easier said than done right?  You cannot let yourself get in they way of your success!  Only YOUR excuses can keep your from meeting your goals of improving your overall health & fitness.  So, don’t do it alone.  Find friends who share your goals and work out with them and encourage each other to eat right.  Belonging to a gym or participating in a class can surely help you connect with like minded people, but their are also loads of free support rooms online to help too. 

TeamBeachbody is a great example.  There is no reason why you can’t eat right and exercise regularly when have the support you need to stay focused on your health and fitness plan. When you feel sluggish, check in with your friends and push forward. Think about how great you’ll feel once your reached your health and fitness goals.  Keep focused and keep truckin’ and soon exercise and healthy eating will become routine and your health and fitness plan will be part of your everyday life.

There you have it!! A guide to your extreme health and fitness plan. Don’t forget to checkout the first half of this post on the workout routine you’ll find that one won’t work without the other.  Good luck, stay motivated, eat right, and let your health and fitness plan transform your body!